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How to buy


Sai Auto would like to welcome to the How to Buy section of the company. Sai Auto Company Limited would like to request all the customers to follow the following steps when you made your decision to buy any vehicles from the company.

Step 1: Vehicles Selection

The first thing you could do is search and selects the vehicles from the company stock list whatever you are interest in. When you find the vehicle according to your requirement then send us email or let us know by the telephone with all the vehicles details like make, model, year and the listing number of the vehicles. If you do not get the vehicles what you like to buy in our stock please give us all the details what you want to buy then we will send you the pictures and all the features of the vehicles then if you happy, you make some deposit then we order for you. We will do our best to purchase the right vehicles for you and get the vehicles in time.

Step 2: Reservation

When we receive enquire about the purchasing vehicles, we will contact you within 24 hours through email, fax or telephone. We will provide you the details information of the vehicles until the vehicles arrive in your place like including the shipping cost or the total price of the vehicles or you. Once you happy with the price we can proceed for the payment which we need all your consignee details like name, address, telephone ,fax and port of discharge to send you the invoice to book the vehicles. Once you book the vehicles by reserve payment then we prepare for your vehicle.

Step 3: Delivery

Our company is happy to deliver the vehicles according to our mutual connivance. Once you paid your full payment of the vehicle and if you request us to deliver in your place we are happy to do it. As you know that we deliver the vehicles through shipment to the other country closest port around you, beside that we do not charge around Auckland to deliver. We are happy to deliver the vehicles outside of Auckland with negotiable price like most of the cities of New Zealand