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Terms and conditons

  1. Welcome to Sai Auto Co. Ltd. These terms and conditions are intended to help keep Sai Auto a reliable and safe place for motor vehicle trading.
    • Acceptance of terms and conditions - These terms and conditions are applied when you (buyer) purchase vehicles from Sai Auto.
    • Amendment of terms and conditions - As we operate in a technological and regulatory environment, we may amend our terms and conditions according to time. We request you to get information about the updated terms and conditions.
  2. Purchasing a vehicle
    • When you choose a vehicle, you can ask for detail information about vehicle with us.
    • If you are determined to purchase the vehicle, you have to select the mode of payment. See clause no.3
    • Once the method of payment is selected, you will get sales and agreement paper.
    • When all papers are signed and approved then the vehicle is ready for delivery.
  3. Mode of payment

    When you are determined to purchase vehicle, you can select the mode of payment according to your convenience.

    • Upfront cash payment - After the selection of vehicle, you can visit the office at your convenient time and can make cash payment.
    • Online banking transaction - After the selection of vehicle, you can make online payment to our company’s bank account.
    • Payment through finance - After the selection of vehicle, if you would like to make payment through finance then we can apply finance on your behalf. You'll have to provide the items listed as below:
      - Two-month pay slip
      - Two-month bank statement
      - Valid driving license
      Then the finance will be applied for you. After the approval of finance, you have to accept the conditions of finance. In case of finance not approved, you have to pay cash. Finally the vehicle is ready for delivery.
    • We accept Visa Debit/Visa/Master card and through Paypal
  4. Terms of delivery
    • Vehicle is ready to delivery upon completion of all the processes as mentioned above.
    • We can deliver your vehicle up to your place. ( Extra charge apply)
    • You can come to our office and drive your vehicle yourself.
    • We can arrange mechanical warranties and vehicle insurance.( Condition apply)
  5. Goods Return or Refund Policy
    • The customer needs to contact within 5 weeks after the purchase of vehicle to claim for refund.
    • If a refund is given it will be for the cost of a vehicle. Delivery and handling cost are non-refundable.
    • Only 40% of vehicle cost will be refunded to customer.
    • Refund will be made within one week after refund agreement is made.
    • In term of advance deposit, the customer need to contact the office within 24 hours to get full deposit back. If unable to contact within that period then only 40% of advance deposit will be refunded.
  6. Trade-in policy
    • It is the sole right of the company to decide whether to do trade-in or not.
    • The price of car in Trade-In is decided by the Sai Auto Co.Ltd and customer agrees the decision.
    • Trade-In priority will be given to those customer who are willing to buy new vehicle from us.
  7. Beneficiaries/Work permit/Bad credit/Learner license/Low deposit can also buy vehicle from Sai Auto. We can arrange for finance if needed. Terms and condition apply for all.
  8. All right reserves to Sai Auto Co.Ltd